Woolsey Workshop Website

Woolsey Workshop Website

Project Outcome

KiCad Electronics Design Automation Software (sponsored by CERN) added a link to one of WWS's articles to its list of tutorials. Performing A Circuit Simulation In KiCad

Major tech player, Adafruit, Inc. posted an article referring people to one of WWS's tutorials as a good in-depth reference. Connecting your Arduino to the Outside World

An electronics professor from a major state university has requested WWS to help develop student learning guides.

As expected, the site grew from its initial 6 articles to near 30 software and electronics articles in its first year and is ready for its anticipated and prepared design updates. It also added a new "Cheatsheets" area that has the potential to grow into an additional income stream.


Client Name

Hamilton & Weston Holdings


UI/UX Designer
Visual Designer
Web Developer


Concept Development
Logo Design
Graphic Designs
Website Creation

The Client

Hamilton & Weston Holdings (HWH) is a multi-faceted company focused on quality design and online education.  It's an umbrella company created to handle multiple businesses. Woolsey Workshop (WWS) is a new online business under the HWH umbrella that embodies quality, innovation, continuous learning and teaching others.

The Goal

The goal for Woolsey Workshop's website was a clean, sharp, modern looking site that's easy for people to find the learning material they are looking for.  It required the ability to grow with the changing amount and type of content and it needed to echo the owners' passion for teaching, quality and technology.

The Challenges

Repository Growth: The site planned to grow slowly with no external sources of content initially being accepted and extra care put into the research and content development . The design for launch needed to show off a small but impressive set of articles. As the repository grew, the look and feel needed to be easily updated with intuitive features and clear views.

Target Audience Diversity: The audience was expected to have a wide range of knowledge and experience, from beginners to highly experienced electrical engineers. The site needed a way to easily distinguish those articles that were advanced from the beginner articles (and in between).

The Process

Woolsey Workshop Process Diagram
WWS Wireframe Scribble
Personas Development Scratch


Student Sam

Student Sam

Age: 18
Goals: Looking to build software and electronics for fun and potential future career.
Profession: Student
Values: Looking for a creative, knowledgeable source and mentor to further his education.
Specific Competencies:  Understands elementary electronics.  Created projects on Instructables, but wants to understand the "why" and "how".
Technical Skills: Just getting started with software and electronics development.

Maker Marcia

Maker Marcia

Age: 28
Goals: Desires to understand more about the parts of the software she already uses and to learn new ones. She also wants to apply what she is learning to her new project ideas.
Profession: Bank Teller
Values: Creative doer without formal education looking for clarity without being talked down to or over her head.
Specific Competencies:  Uses laser cutter, 3D printer and CNC for current projects.
Technical Skills: Used some electronics and software on past projects.

Teacher Tori

Teacher Tori

Age: 35
Goals: Looking for clear and concise instructions that she can also share with her students without modifications.
Profession: Teacher
Values: Continuous self learner, looking for the same integrity in other's work that she holds for herself.
Specific Competencies:  Electrical theory and laws, but less familiar with the latest tech (Arduino & Python).
Technical Skills: General electronics and software knowledge. Can catch on quickly to unfamiliar components.

Adam Advanced

Adam Advanced

Age: 55
Goals: Always on the lookout for quality reference material for the tools he uses.
Profession: Electrical Engineer
Values: Knows there's always something more to learn.
Specific Competencies:  Circuit design, mathematics, physics
Technical Skills: Electronics, software, circuit design