Freescale (previously Motorola) Design Software

Freescale (fka Motorola) Circuit Design Software

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Project Outcome

This new design software provided accurate information throughout the organization, leading to better on-time decisions, 4x increase in productivity and reduced associated defects to near zero for all projects.

It not only improved data flow, but enabled the the designers to build more quickly and automated their development.

The software was adopted by 90% of company design teams.

Client Name

Freescale Semiconductor (Formerly Motorola)


Design Project Team Leader


Lead research, ideation, and solution development
Client Engagement
Logo Design


The internal client, Systems Engineering,  is the first group of engineers to start developing a microcontroller and what they develop affects almost every other team downstream of them.  Their involvement does not stop with the initial design but are involved and can modify the design throughout the 2-5 year design process.

The Goal

The goal was to streamline the flow of data between teams so everyone was aware of changes to designs and could easily adapt their work to accommodate these changes.

The Challenges

Differing and Widespread End Users: The internal clients for this project included people around the world, in different teams, responsible for different output, who used different processes and different tools.

Unclear Direction: There was no clear nor agreed upon direction for the project take.

Content and Ownership Conflicts: There was disagreement about the level of content and ownership of the project.

The Process

Process Flow Freescale
User Story Sticky Notes


Sally Systems

Sally Systems

Age: 38
Goals: Wants to get downstream team members the information they need without doing more work or causing any delays (including support their own process automation organization-wide).
Profession: Systems Engineer
Values: Values efficient and effective design.
Specific Competencies:  Capable of creating their own software or development solution that works for them.
Technical Skills: Highly technical not only in design but also software.

Dale Documentation

Dale Documentation

Age: 27
Goals: Clear, zero defect, technical project documentation.
Profession: Technical Documentation Writer
Values: Efficiency and accuracy of data flow
Specific Competencies:  Generates documentation but also engaged in process automation
Technical Skills: Engineer, writer.

Victor Verification

Victor Verification

Age: 32
Goals: Like many downstream engineering teams, Victor verify and test designs for failures and for potential optimization.
Profession: Verification Engineer
Values: Efficiency and accuracy of data flow
Specific Competencies:  Generates documentation but also engaged in process automation
Technical Skills: Engineering, automation scripting

Edward Executive

Edward Executive

Age:  54
Goals: To make products focused on the customer satsifaction that bring the higest value for the lowest cost.
Profession: Manager
Values:  He values building a quality product and executing projects timely and efficiently. He emphasizes the importance of zero defect to his employees as well as time to market.
Specific Competencies: Does not need to use this tool but is interested in the outcome. He requires numbers to back any claims of efficiency improvements and defect reduction.
Technical Skills: He knows his way around a spreadsheet and likes to see numbers in that format or summarized in a presentation.