Other Project Highlights

Other Project Highlights

Integrated Circuit Graphic

Motorola Divisional Website Design

Goal:  I was hired by Motorola's imaging division to create an internal website solution that worked for their teams of engineers.

Challenge: Valueable data needed to be shared and easily found by people throughout the division of 2000 employees but the engineers were only allowed to create and modify their own home page. These home pages contained all the valueable data on the site because the top level pages were restricted. In addition, there was no index or way of finding these home pages and duplication of data was pervasive because there were so many disconnected unknown pages.

Outcome:  I challenged the notion of locking out the engineering community from the main pages of the division's site and developed a semi-open solution. Using HTML, Perl, and Flash, I designed top level landing pages for the division and its functional areas. Permissions were then provided to the engineers for their functional areas. This not only enabled the engineers to provide valueable data to their team's landing pages but the simple structure also enabled people to find it.  In addition to the structure, the site was given a search engine, so even new employees, unfamiliar with the structure, could find the data they needed.

Kitchen Units IOS App

ExtremeBytes Software Apps' Graphics

Developed all graphics for the Kitchen Units and Metrebug iOS applications.

Also used Test Flight for quality assurance.

Unit Conversion Icons
Handshake over the laptop

Employee Benefits Plan Registration Software

Goal:  I saw a business need and needed to illustrate my software idea to senior leadership to make it a reality.

Challenge:  I worked for an benefits company that administered retirement and health plans.  I worked closely with clients, client's employees, and sales agents.  I knew how frustrating and time consuming it was to track all the details and our company, including all our salespeople, were doing this manually.

Outcome:  I took everything I knew about what the salespeople needed to do, what information the clients and their employees provided and all the requirements needed by the administration company to create a highly functional demo for software that could replace the paperwork. I learned enough Visual Basic over the weekend to develop a highly functional demo of the software. I then met with senior leadership, who agreed and chose our senior software engineer to move it from demo to reality.  The software not only saved the sales people time, it saved every department time and increased the accuracy of all our benefits data.