Grandma’s Recipe Box

Years ago my husband’s sweet lovely grandma gave me the recipe box that she had for over 35 years. Many years later, I was the lucky recipient of the recipes she kept in that box. I started making and blogging about these recipes but most of them, I believe, are meant for special occasions as they are too sweet or too rich to eat on a regular basis. Many were cut outs from newspapers and magazines. So I’m revising this blog to include my “you can eat them more regularly” recipes that I’ve created myself.

Grandma’s recipe box inspired me to write down my own recipes. I tend to experiment in the kitchen.  In fact, I refer to the kitchen as “The Laboratory” (it’s more fun that way). I am known for never writing things down. Although I love working that way, it means my concoctions are rarely consistent. So, I am attempting to capture my laboratory experiments here and add them to Grandma’s Recipe Box.

I hope you enjoy my new additions.

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