Barren Ridge Vineyards Website

Barren Ridge Vineyards Website

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Barren Ridge Vineyards Tasting Room Snapshot

Project Outcome

After the Barren Ridge Vineyards redesign went live, site traffic increased by 50% within 2 months.

The owners received many customer accolades and appreciation for the new site design.

The Entertainment page is kept up-to-date with feed from their Facebook page, so seasonal staff no longer has to know or edit the website files.

Quote from Owner:

"The process of thinking through exactly what our goals were and how we wanted them to be presented to the public was the first step and the most important one.  The collaborative interactions forced us to rethink our previous assumptions and a strategy was conceived.  Amy was a delight to work with but also a thorough taskmaster.  Amy has demonstrated an ability to marshal her analytical talent to design a product that is strategic, intuitive and surprisingly easily to navigate and enjoy."

Client Name

Barren Ridge Vineyards


UI/UX Designer
Web Developer


Evaluations and Recommendations
Website Creation

The Client

Barren Ridge Vineyards is a brick and mortar vineyards and tasting room with catering to the locals who enjoy the beautiful view and laid back atmosphere.  Its owners took their worldly knowledge and turned old family orchard into a vineyard that reflects their passion for living. They wanted their website to be not only more functional and appealing to their current clients, but to attract new clients and above all reflect their vision and philosophy of quality of life.

The Goal

The website needs a facelift at a minimum.  The information needs to be easy to find and refind.  It needs to appeal to a wide audience (from brides and event planners to tourists and local customers). It must reflect the ideals of its owners about the earth and life but still enable new technology and online purchasing.

The Challenges

The target audience for this site is highly varied.  They enjoyed an older local crowd who enjoy the view and history, tourists in for tastings and tours, brides looking for a venue, those looking for weekend live entertainment and online shoppers.  They were also looking to reach a wider audience and bring in more customers.

The vineyard's staff included many local college students so the rotation was pretty high and their technical knowledge was varied.  The site needed to be easily supported and updated by the students without a lot of supervision by the owners and their critical staff (business manager, winemaker etc).

The vineyard offered spaces so that you could hold your own event.  They also held their own events such as fireworks for the 4th of July and their Swedish Fire Festival.  They also held weekly entertainment for most of the year.  All of these things have been categorized as "events" but they need their own space to live and be on their own so they are clear to the audience.

The Process

Process Flow Diagram
Questionnaire Example
Wireframe Scribble


Lester Loyal

Lester Loyal

Age: 75
Goals: To enjoy his retirement and the beautiful area of the world that he lives in.
Profession: Retired medical doctor
Values: He believes, like the vineyard's owners, that life, love, and family is to be cherished.  He loves that this vineyard was a renovated barn and a part of the history of the area he lives in.
Technical Skills: High tech is not Lester's thing.  He has a computer that he barely uses, and a cell phone that his daughter gave him.  If someone bookmarks a website for him, he knows how to refind it.

Melinda Media-Target

Melinda Media-Target

Age: 22
Goals: New to the workforce and starting a new family, she's looking for balance in her life and needs a place she can unwind with colleagues after work and still bring her kids with her.
Profession: Marketing
Values: Strong work ethic. Believes in her career path and ability to do it all.  Love, laugh and work.
Technical Skills: Grew up with a cell phone in hand.  Has a computer at home and at work.  She brings her laptop everywhere.

Bella Bride

Bella Bride

Age: 24
Goals: To begin her life with her fiance by finding the perfect location for their upcoming wedding.
Profession: Retail
Values: She values her family and friends and making time for them despite her heavy work load.  She loves the juxtaposition of nature and elegance the vineyard and winery can bring the wedding.
Technical Skills: She uses a computer for work, has one at home and has a mobile device.  She is connected where ever she goes.

Harry Hipster

Harry Hipster

Age: 28
Goals: Works hard, but enjoys the finer things in life and loves the live entertainment and open mic night at the vineyard.
Profession: Project Manager
Values: He values his friends and the abilities of others, whether their talent is for making great wine or playing an instrument.
Technical Skills: He is well versed in technology.  He knows how to connect with everyone and everything and does so regularly.