Discovering Grandma’s Recipe Box

Grandmas recipe box

Years ago (1994-95 something like that), my husband’s grandma gave me her recipe box for Christmas.  It was exactly what I had been looking for in the stores but could not find.  So she gave me hers.  She had it for about 35 years and I guess she decided it was time to pass it on.

Today I was looking for Grandma’s recipe for Swedish Apple Cake, so I could make it for the holidays.  I still haven’t found the copy I was looking for, but during my search I found a bunch of Grandma’s old recipes.

I’m thinking of testing them out, and as I do, blogging about them.   It seems only fitting.  My husband and I have moved half way across the country to live in a century+ year old house.  I think some old recipes are in order.

Grandmas Recipes2


    Andrea Kable

    I L-O-V-E this!

      Amy Woolsey

      Thanks Andrea! I’ve picked out the next recipe to test, but I need to go to the store first. I plan to go today.


    Love the recipe box story. I gotta make those tuna sandwiches, too!

      Amy Woolsey

      Their great! We make a big batch and put them in the fridge. It’s so surprising how great a tuna sandwich can be the following day! 🙂

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